About Us

This website is managed by The Friends of Fremont Park.  The Friends of Fremont Park (FFP) is a non-profit organization that works together for the betterment of Fremont Park and the Midtown Sacramento Community.

The primary objectives of FFP are to ensure that Fremont Park is a safe and pleasant place for neighborhood residents and visitors and to establish the park as a vital focal point of a thriving community. Activities of the FFP will include the continued pursuit of improvements and enhancements to the park and the promotion of the park as a location for neighborhood gatherings and planned community events.

We generally meet as a group, at 7pm on the 4th Tuesday of January, March, June, and September (Quarterly).  We meet at Hot Italian at the corner of Q and 16th Streets in Sacramento. Meetings are open to anyone that would like to attend.  If you're interested in attending, participating or just listening, send us an E-Mail using our address on our Contact Us page.  Or, just show up.  We look forward to meeting you.